LocaLeaves Foundation

A Non-Profit Organization striving for Food Dignity & Sustainability

"The right to adequate food is the right to dignity and life. Food must be available, accessible and adequate."


The Right to Food

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) by the United Nations

About Us

The Loca Leaves Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation that supports projects around the dignity in food choices and the future of food.

The goal of the foundation is to enable access to healthier and fresher food choices in cities, while raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities of our food supply chains.

We Strive For


Food availability is currently challenged by climate change, supply chain disruptions and others. We aim to support projects that contribute to securing our food supplies for the future in a sustainable way.


Not everyone has equal access and choice in food. We believe that food dignity is a basic human right that significantly increases quality of life. We aim to support projects that give access to healthier and fresher food for everyone.


Much of our food is unsustainably grown, unhealthy and processed. Changing how we produce food and what we consume is one of the biggest challenges of the century. We aim at supporting projects that promote new ways of doing things and inspire better choices.

Our Drive

40% of the world's population works in or around the food industry.

3 Billion people do not have choice or access to adequate food.

Food represents 25% of the world's CO2 footprint.

The food industry is lagging behind in technology adoption and digitisation.

Current Projects

Food YZA

Food YZA is a pop up exposition aimed at raising awareness about the future of the food supply chains. The expo's goal is to showcase some of the main challenges current challenges in our food systems and to create discussions about future technologies that will impact how and what we eat. This pop up expo is currently touring in different locations around Amsterdam.


This Jordanian social enterprise empowers women and youth entrepreneurs who lack access to agricultural land and job opportunities in marginalised communities to reach self-sufficiency. One example is a project where Gaza camp refugees are provided with training, supplies, funding and support to start their own food production business in the Jordanian deserts. The LocaLeaves Foundation support this project with knowledge and technology transfer and aims to help adequate technologies to the area in order to support young entrepreneurs.


The Boeren voor Buren foundation was created in 2020 to give access to healthier and locally grown vegetables to Amsterdam citizens with small food budgets. The LocaLeaves foundation supports Boeren voor Buren by providing vertically grown, high quality herbs and microgreens in order to enhance the choices and variety of the food boxes. This project is also being made available for refugees living in the region of Amsterdam.


CRESSED. is a sustainable salad brand that aims to provide a healthier and more sustainable option in Amsterdam, while keeping the supply chain completely local . Recently, its first product, called - "UnbeLeafable Greens" was launched. This salad is not only vegan and healthy, but also a source of fiber and protein.

“Food is national security. Food is economy. It is employment, energy, history. Food is everything.”

— Chef José Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen

Contact Information

Email: olivier@localeavesfoundation.com

Phone number: +31 (6) 49171479

Address: Amstelveenseweg 690, 1081 JJ, Amsterdam